Dean College of EngineeringMassage

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
(وقل اعملوا فسيرى الله عملكم ورسوله والمؤمنون)
التوبة 105

Proceeding from our belief that Nations promotes the minds of thinkers, creators, scientists and development of higher education institutions and especially engineering those have vital roles in the reconstruction of countries.
Now, Our dear Iraq needs for convergence of all efforts for reconstruction and promotion of its future which endeavored to Muthanna University to develop the first building-brick of the founding of the College of Engineering in the year 2008 – 2009.
The College had opened the doors and graduated two types of departments in engineering as the first received students in civil and chemical.
In 2013 with the help of Allah, the college had opened a new department of architecture to support civil engineering department and providingour country with qualified engineers in the architectural field.
In future, College of Engineering seeks to keep pace with scientific progress and technological development in all engineering disciplines and embark in the next years with the permission of Allah will be open many departments of engineering such electrical, mechanical with an environment. In addition, we have a new idea for the civil and chemical engineering that creation the postgraduate.We pray Allah to benefit our dear Iraq.

Prof. Raid Tariq Alkhateeb
Dean, College of Engineering