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تعنوان البحثاسم المستوعبتاريخ النشر
1Investigation of asphalt binder performance modified with
ceramic waste powder
2Response Surface Modeling of Arsenic Adsorption by Modified Spent Tea Leavesدولي24 March 2021
3Methylene Violet Dye Adsorption Using Onion Skins: Kinetics and Isotherm Studiesدولي24 March 2021
4Photocatalytic Decolorization Simulated Textile Dyebath Effluent under Solar Light and Reuse it for Industrial Purposesدولي24 March 2021
5Enhancement of Ti by carbon Nanotubes addition for bone
دولي24 March 2021
6Study of Electro-Fenton Oxidation for the Removal of oil
content in refinery wastewater
7Photovoltaic cell Electro- Oxidation for Oil Removal
in oil field produced H2O
8Evaluation of Using Photovoltaic Cell in the Electro-
Fenton Oxidation for the Removal of Oil Content in
Refinery Wastewater
9Using audio noise for Generating random key streamدوليb124-Mar-21
10Purification and activation of the Iraqi bentonite for edible oil Production.دولي24 March 2021
11Design and Implementation of a Smart System for School Children Trackingدولي2021/3/1
12Solar energy efficiency in the city of Samawah and its speed in charging
off-grid PV system batteries
13Marshall Parameters of Hot Mix Asphalt with Variable Filler Types and Aggregate Gradationsدولي24/03/2021
14Behaviour of moment resisting reinforced concrete frames subjected to column removal scenarioدولي24/03/2021
15Performance of ACI code for predicting the flexural capacity and deflection of reinforced geopolymer concrete beamsدولي24/03/2021
16Study of Corrosion Products Induced under Different Environmental Conditionsدولي24/03/2021
17Behaviour of moment resisting reinforced concrete frames
subjected to column removal scenario
18Expert system for the production of personalized cloverleaf plate implant for human humerusدولي24/03/2021
19Response Surface Modeling of Arsenic Adsorption by
Modified Spent Tea Leaves
20Photocatalytic Decolorization Simulated Textile Dyebath
Effluent under Solar Light and Reuse it for Industrial Propose
21Heavy Metal Pollution from Hospital Waste Incinerators: A Case Study from Al-Muthanna Province, Iraq دولي24/03/2021
22Comparison of pier bridge design between AASHTO and Chinese codesدولي24/03/2021
23Adsorption of methylene blue dye from industrial wastewater using activated carbon prepared from agriculture wastesscopusb101-Mar-21
25Best ways computation intelligent of face cyber attacksscopus2021/3/10
26Roughness and wettability of biofilm carriers: A systematic reviewScopus (Q1) & Clarivaye 1.Feb. 2021
27Flexural impact resistance of steel beams with rectangular web openingsscopus17 Feb. 2021
28A Study on Economical Design of Reinforced Concrete Tie Columnsدوليا3/24/2021
29Building Operational Sequence and Control of Fire Tube Boilers Using Ladder Logic with Zeliosoft Smart RelayScopusApril 2021
30Treatment of oil content in oilfield produced water
using chemically modified waste Sawdust as
31Numerical studies on bearing capacity and settlement of shallow footing subjected to earthquake loading

32The effect of mobile application programming on the educational processMUTHANNA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (MJET)6/1/2021
33Effect of Soil Gradation on Shear Strength of
35Removal of reactive blue dye from simulated wastewater by electrocoagulation using bipolar connection modeScopus 9/21/2021
36Distracted Driving Using Mobile Phone Anbar Journal of engineering science 10/19/2021
37Numerical studies of shallow footing subjected to earthquake loading Scopus 10/11/2021
38Predictability of existing standard codes for the flexural strength of beams produced from alkali-activated concreteScopus 10/11/2021
39Organic pollutants removal from oilfield produced water using nano magnetite as adsorbentScopus10/4/2021
40Observations of cementitious materials effects on the performance of concrete foundationScopus10/4/2021
41Simulation and Style Design of Bridge Stability Supported on Large Diameter Pilesscopus12/25/2021
42Investigation of Mechanical Performance of the Asphalt Mixture Modified with Waste Cooking OilMuthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology (MJET)8/21/2021
43Assessment of Asphalt Mixture Behaviour Containing Recycled Concrete AggregatesScopus3/8/2021
44Electrochemical oxidation of methyl orange dye by stainless steel rotating cylinder anodeScopus11/8/2021
45Performance evaluation of electro coagulation process for the treatment of groundwater Scopus25/8/2021
46Mechanical properties of concrete incorporating pre treated waste sawdust Scopus3/8/2021
47Particle Swarm Optimization-based dummy sub-carriers insertion for peak to average power ratio reduction in OFDM systemsScopus14/8/2021
48Design of SOI Slotted Ring Resonator for Add/Drop Multiplexing in All Optical NetworksScopus12/8/2021
تعنوان البحثاسم المستوعبتاريخ النشر
1Comparison of New Multilevel Inverter Topology with Conventional Topologies Used for Induction Heating SystemN/A16/1/2022
2Polynomial Equation of Stress-Strain Curve for Normal ConcreteScopus 11/1/2022
3The quality of energy and the efficiency of the PV system, connected to the triplex stagesgrid 25 MVA by using VSIScopus 7/1/2022
4Comparison of New Multilevel Inverter Topology with Conventional Topologies Used for Induction Heating SystemScopus 11/1/2022
5Concentric and Eccentric Compression Behaviour of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns Strengthened with CFRPScopus 1/21/2022
6Improvement of swelling soil by mixing it with cement kiln dust in AlMuthanna Governorate, Iraq عالمي2/5/2022
7Stability and Seismic Performance of Tall steel Structures with Hybrid Energy Absorbers Including P-delta Effectspriger3/10/2022
8Spatial mixture modeling for analyzing a rainfall pattern: A case study in IrelandScopus3/22/2022
9Particle Swarm Optimization-based dummy sub-carriers insertion for peak to average power ratio reduction in OFDM systemsScopus3/1/2022
10The Conductivity of AC, Loss Tangent, and Relative Permittivity for Composites of PVC Paste/Graphite Electrode WasteIraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering1/4/2022
11The Impact of Cement Kiln Dust and Cement on Cold Mix Asphalt Characteristics at Different ClimateClarivate + Web of Science + Scopus 3/31/2022
12Improvement of Swelling Soil by Mixing it with Cement kiln Dust in Al-Muthanna Governorate, Iraqscoups4/4/2022
13Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams under Instantaneous Loading: Effects of Recycled Ceramic as Cement and Aggregates ReplacementScopus3/4/2022
14Enhancement of mechanical properties of the surface pavement layer asphalt mixture using iron filling waste as partially fine aggregate replacement Scopus2/1/2022
16Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Sawa Lake’s Physical Parameters between (1985–2020) and Drought Investigations Using Landsat ImageriesClarivate + Web of Science + Scopus 4/11/2022
17Numerical and theoretical analysis of FRP reinforced geopolymer concrete beamsScopus4/5/2022
18Electrocoagulation Technology for Wastewater Treatment: Mechanism and ApplicationsScopus 5/12/2022
19Influence of Strut Geometry on the Size Effect of FRP Reinforced Simply Supported Deep Beams: A Theoretical AnalysisScopus5/1/2022
20Compatibility between delay functions and highway capacity manual on Iraqi highwaysScopus 5/26/2022
21A steganography approach based on particle swarm optimization and least significant bit in color imagesScopus5/18/2022
22A new Internet of Things based optimization scheme of residential demand side management systemScpoous6/7/2022
23Multi-Patterns-Based Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM Systemsscopus7/21/2022
24Effect of intensity of light and distance for decolonization in direct Red wastwater by photo Fenton oxidation scopus8/20/2022
26Can electrocoagulation technology be integrated into wastewater treatment systems to improve treatment efficiency?scopus and clarivate 8/16/2022
27Removal of nickel from Ni (II)-NH3-SO2-CO2-H2O system by electrocoagulation, sedimentation, and filtration processesscopus and clarivate 7/6/2022
28Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti Particles Reinforced AZ31-Mg Alloy Matrix Composites Through ARB and Subsequent AnnealingSpringer9/23/2022
29Producing sustainable modified reactive powder concrete using locally available materialsScopus 9/30/2022
31A Review on the Enhancement of Asphalt Cement using Different Additivesscopus17/11/2022
32Assessment of electrocoagulation treatment of textile wastewater using constant voltage and constant current modes: A comparative studyscopus28/10/2022
33Treatment of Oily Wastewater by Electrocoagulation Technology: A general reviewسكوبس وكلاريفيت29/10/2022
34Can electrocoagulation technology be integrated with wastewater treatment systems to improve treatment efficiency?سكوبس وكلاريفيت1/11/2022
35 Analysis of Efficient Polarization Filter Based on Double Trenched Channel Plasmon Polariton Waveguides scopus15/11/2022
36Comparative Investigations on Reactive Powder Concrete with and Without Coarse Aggregateweb of science 12/22/2022
تعنوان البحثاسم المستوعبتاريخ النشر
1Physicomechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Cementitious Concrete – A Reviewسكوبس11/8/2023
3Defining the optimal conditions using FFNNs and NARX neural networks for modelling the extraction of Sc from aqueous solution by Cryptand-2.2.1 and Cryptand-2.1.1سكوبس وكلاريفيت12/1/2023
4Design zigzag edge of S shape slot antenna by using SIW technology for 5G applicationسكوبس12/6/2023
5A New Steganography Method for Hiding Text into RGB Imageسكوبس وكلاريفيت12/20/2023
6Designing reinforced HSC rectangular beams using optimization techniquesسكوبس5/6/2023
7Improvement of subgrade soil with sand columns for construction railway embankment: A case studyسكوبس7/24/2023
8Performance of Compact Bio-Contact Oxidation Reactors for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Under Different Hydraulic Retention Timeسكوبس11/4/2023
9Electrocoagulation removal of Pb, Cd, and Cu ions from wastewater using a new configuration of electrodesScopus, Clarivate1/1/2023
10Experimental tests of two span continuous concrete beams reinforced with hybrid GFRP-Steel barsScopus , Clarivate1/1/2023
11Multilayered membrane spacer: does it enhance solution mixing?Scopus & Clarivate2/17/2023
12Removal of nickel from Ni(II)-NH3-SO2-CO2-H2 O system by electrocoagulation, sedimentation and filtration processesسكوبس وكلاريفيت3/1/2023
13Treatment of Oily Wastewater by Electrocoagulation Technology: A general review(2018-2022)سكوبس وكلاريفيت3/1/2023
14Nickel removal from an industrial effluent by electrocoagulation in semi-continuous operation: Hydrodynamic, kinetic and cost analysisسكوبس وكلاريفيت3/1/2023
15Properties of concrete containing municipal sludge of wastewater treatment plantscopus4/12/2023
16Recent advances and applicable flexibility potential of electrochemical processes for wastewater treatmentscopus4/1/2023
17Investigation of oil content removal performance in real oily wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation technology: RSM design approachscopus4/1/2023
18Textile Wastewater Treated by Constructed Wetlands – A Critical Reviewscopus4/1/2023
19Experimental Study of Produced Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon with Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranesscopus4/1/2023
20Impact of Plastic Waste on The Volumetric Characteristics and Resilient Modulus of Asphalt Concretescopus4/1/2023
21The application of a single slope solar still in a refinery wastewater treatment: An experimental studyscopus4/13/2023
22Managing the flow of information in the cloud environmentGenius journals publishing3/27/2023
23Fresh Properties of Self-Consolidating Expired Cement-Fly Ash Cold Bonded Lightweight Aggregate Concrete With Different Mineral AdmixturesEngineering and Technology Journal5/25/2023
24Removal of COD from real oily wastewater by electrocoagulation using a new configuration of electrodesكلاريفيت وسكوبس5/9/2023
27localized surface plasmons of gold nanoparticlesسكوبس12/15/2022
28Application for Linear Programming to Solve Optimization Problems اسم المجلة (Central Asian Journal of Mathematical Theory and Computer Science)3/29/2023
29world highways pavement management system:an overviewmuthanna journal of engineering and technology6/1/2023
30 Ion Exchange Membrane Electrodialysis for Water and Wastewater Processing: Application of Ladder-Type Membrane Spacers to Impact Solution Concentration and Flow DynamicsScopus & Clarivate6/13/2023
33Vibration faults detection using wireless and neural networkAl Muthanna University 8/6/2023
34Factors affecting on the urban expansion of AlKut city masterplane,IraqScopus8/22/2023
35New design of an electrocoagulation reactor to remove pollutants from groundwater: Analysis and optimization using response surface methodologyسكوبس وكلاريفيت8/16/2023
36Utilization of Agricultural Waste as Low-Cost Adsorbents in Dye Wastewater Treatment: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studyسكوبس وكلاريفيت8/1/2023
37Colored Wastewater Treatment by Clathrate Hydrate Techniqueسكوبس وكلاريفيت8/1/2023
38Investigating the influences of the cathode configuration on the electrocoagulation performance: A comparative studyسكوبس وكلاريفيت8/1/2023
40Design of PLL Controller for Resonant Frequency Tracking of Five-Level Inverter Used for Induction Heating ApplicationsScopus8/17/2023
41Investigating the capability of MCM-41 nanoparticle for COD removal from Iraqi petroleum refinery wastewaterScopus8/1/2023
42Studying the effect of reactor design on the electrocoagulation treatment performance of oily wastewaterScopus8/1/2023
43Influence of aggregate gradation on propagation of reflective cracksسكوباس9/1/2023
44The Properties of Asphalt Modified With Waste Vegetable Oilسكوباس9/1/2023
45An Overview of Electro-Fenton Technology for Organic Wastewater Treatment: Optimal Conditions and Electrodes Selection سكوباس9/21/2023
46Electrocoagulation treatment of textile wastewater: A reviewسكوباس9/1/2023
47A critical review on the removal of dyes from wastewater using different adsorbentsسكوباس9/1/2023
48Sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technology in wastewater treatment: A mini-reviewسكوباس9/1/2023
49Effect of the heat from fire on the strength of the concreteسكوباس9/1/2023
50A maintenance priority approach for highways: Case studyسكوباس9/1/2023
51Thermal degradation and ablation energy of poly (methyl methacrylate)سكوباس9/1/2023
52Lead removal from refinery wastewater by using photovoltaic electro Fenton oxidationسكوباس9/1/2023
53Evaluation of solid waste management in al-samawah cityسكوباس9/12/2023
54Selecting contractors to implement projects in Iraq using the AHP modelسكوباس9/1/2023
55Designing High Strength Concrete Grade T-Beams at the Lowest Possible CostIIETA30/8/2023
56Assessing of the common strengthening methods for existing RC buildingsAkademiai Kiado3/10/2023
57Organic removal from refinery wastewater by using electro catalytic oxidationسكوباس9/1/2023
58Copper removal in simulated wastewater by solar Fenton oxidationسكوباس9/2/2023
59Defining the optimal conditions using FFNNs and NARX neural networks for modelling the extraction of Sc from aqueous solution by Cryptand-2.2.1 and Cryptand-2.1.1 كلاريفيت وسكوبس10/19/2023
60Design the mechanical–chemical reactor for oily wastewater treatmentELSEVIER10/7/2023
61Comparative Investigations on Reactive Powder Concrete with and Without Coarse AggregateSpringer, Atlantis press10/1/2023
62Numerical analysis of concrete corbels strengthened with CFRP sheetScopus 9/1/2023
63Organic Removal From Refinery Wastewater by Using Electro Catalytic OxidationScopus 9/1/2023
65Numerical Analysis of Continuous Deep Beams Reinforced With Polymer BarsScopus11/15/2023
66Optimum design of Howe steel truss bridgesScopus9/1/2023
68Modelling of asymmetric channel plasmonic polariton waveguidesscopus11/20/2023
69Performance evaluation of a flighted rotary dryer for lateritic ore in concurrent configurationكلاريفيت وسكوبس11/1/2023