The College of Engineering was founded in 2008 thanks to the qualified staff whose efforts played a great role in establishing the college. The college started welcoming students since the academic year (2009-2008). The college started with only two departments which are civil engineering and the chemical engineering and by 2013 the college has added the department of architectural engineering. In 2020 the department of electronics and communication engineering has been developed.

During this journey, the college started with 32 university lecturers at the beginning. This number became 76 lecturers today and the college now provides many qualified junior engineers who graduate every year to help building and improving the Al-Muthanna city and Iraq in general to contribute to its construction and development..

The department aims to prepare the competent engineers who are capable of creation and creativity, and to follow the engineering and scientific developments.

Over the years, this section has witnessed a significant development in scientific capacity and potential horizontally and vertically, witnessing a significant expansion in the number of graduates and in sub-disciplines.

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The department aims through the scientific and engineering curricula to establish a base of scientific staff that has the potential for creativity and transcends the mind that understands the objectives of the new Iraq, including:

The development of the foundations of an Iraqi architectural school emphasizes the need to inspire the Arab-Islamic and Iraqi architectural heritage, especially within a sophisticated and contemporary concept with solid historical roots and its consolidation to serve Iraq.

Keeping up with the advanced technologies in the curriculum and courses, especially in the field of computers and modern applications in the fields of computer-assisted painting and architectural presentation and the development of students' skills in this field.

The department aims to prepare a chemical engineer with the ability to design, build and operate various chemical units, which are the nucleus of multiple manufacturing processes in order to convert cheap materials into high-value materials.

Petrochemical industries, plastics, fertilizers, detergents, oils, pharmaceutical products, nuclear energy, explosives, jet fuel, dyes, food industries.. etc..

At the beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year, the Faculty of Engineering at Muthanna University witnessed the launch of a unique discipline, e-engineering and communications, according to the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/Department of Studies and Planning numbered 3916 on 20 October 2020.

- The department plays its main role in preparing qualified engineers by teaching and training students in methods of analysis, design, research and development, development of intellectual skills and engineering sense and keeping pace with scientific development in the fields of specialization, which are necessary to advance development and development in the country. The study period in the department extends to four years in which the graduate receives a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering and communications.

- The department adopts in the implementation of its academic curriculum well-documented study plans with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in accordance with the criteria of academic accreditation, and these plans are implemented using modern educational methods supported by practical application in the laboratories of the department, which are equipped with the necessary equipment and equipment to carry out practical experiments as the department seeks to provide references and scientific books and update them periodically.



اقامت جامعة المثنى كلية الهندسة ورشة عمل بعنوان تحليل كلفة دورة الحياة للكونكريت مسبق الصب

اقيمت في كلية الهندسة جامعة المثنى قسم هندسة العمارة ورشة عمل بعنوان تحليل كلفة دورة الحياة للكونكريت مسبق الصب مسبق الجهد في الطرق والتي حاضر فيها […]

قامت جامعة المثنى كلية الهندسة ورشة عمل بعنوان البرمجة اهدافها وافاقها المستقبلية وتأثيرها في المجتمع.

اقيمت في كلية الهندسة جامعة المثنى ورشة عمل بعنوان البرمجة  اهدافها وافاقها المستقبلية وتأثيرها في المجتمع والتي حاضر فيها م.داود زاهي خطار بالتعاون مع فريق Code […]

اقامت جامعة المثنى كلية الهندسة محاضرات ارشادية لطلبة المرحلة الاولى

أقامت لجنة الارشاد التربوي قسم الهندسة المدنية محاضرات ارشادية لطلبة المرحلة الأولى بحضور السادة عميد كلية الهندسة أ.د. احمد حسن علي ورئيس قسم الهندسة المدنية أ.د. […]

The Dean's Statement

Based on our belief that nations develop by the minds of their intellectuals, innovators, scientists. The development of higher educational institutions, especially engineering, can have a vital role in the construction and reconstruction of countries. Our beloved country Iraq now needs us to combine all efforts to rebuild and advance its future, which we have striven at Al-Muthanna University to build the Faculty of Engineering in 2008-2009. The college opened its doors welcomed students in the department of civil and chemical engineering. In 2013, with the help of Allah Almighty, the Department of Architecture was opened to welcome students to provide the country with competent engineers in the field of architecture. The Faculty of Engineering seeks to keep up with scientific progress and technological development in all engineering disciplines. In this context, the college has added the department of electronic and communication engineering and planning in the future to develop mechanical engineering department, roads and bridges department. We wish we can do something to serve our precious Iraq and to improve the structure and infrastructure of Al-Muthanna province..




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