Quality Assurance Unit

Attitude of the Division

Improving the quality of educational, research and administrative sciences through the application of quality standards and systems to achieve distinction in institutional performance and achieve academic accreditation.


Division Message

Spreading the concept of quality performance evaluation, exporting the best educational research, and administrative practices, locally and globally. This is important to improve rank of the college and to achieve continuous development, institutional excellence, and the reliability of educational programs.


Division duties

The Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division at the College of Engineering includes four units.  Duties are distributed as follows:


  • The tasks of the quality assurance unit


  • Spreading the concept of quality assurance in the college by organizing seminars, lectures, training courses, workshops, and posters.
  • Planning, implementation, and follow-up to obtain academic and institutional accreditation.
  • Continuous communication and coordination with the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance in all issues that related to the quality standards and being up to date.
  • Communicate and work closely with various local and international governmental and private organizations in all fields that contributes to the development of quality areas and achieving the academic accreditation.


  • The tasks of the performance evaluation unit

Completing the annual performance evaluation for all faculty members and writing the necessary reports regarding the annual assessments and preparing them for the relevant authorities.


  • The tasks of the laboratory accreditation unit
  • Working on establishing, documenting, implementing, and maintaining a management system capable on ensuring the quality of laboratories.
  • Follow up periodic calibration programs for all equipment in the college laboratories, in coordination with the concerned departments and relevant authorities.
  • labeling all laboratory equipment in coordination with the concerned departments.
  • Dissemination of policies and objectives for achieving laboratory accreditation by local and international accreditation centers at all organizational levels of laboratories.
  • Tasks of the Training and Technical Support Unit

Organizing training courses and workshops in all fields of assurance quality and performance evaluation.